Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design

Your brand identity can be a significant factor in how your customers see you or your business. It is basically your image and is crucial to how they behave towards you. An identity that elicits a positive response should naturally be your goal.

Creating an identity for your brand is not as simple as choosing a specific trait and hoping people will see it in the way you carry yourself or do business. No. Your brand identity must obvious enough for everyone to notice and remarkable enough to be remembered. At HeadSpace Software Philippines, we will help you design an effective identity that suits your goals.


Why do you need brand identity design?

Contrary to what many believe, brand identity refers not just to your logo, but to several elements that represent your brand and everything it stands for. The term almost exclusively refers to visual elements and depending on your branding needs, can encompass the logo, your colors, fonts, and even the design of your stationery.


There are a number of reasons why brand identity design is important:

  1. It affects how your customers perceive you. Your brand identity helps shape how people perceive you and your brand. First impressions are very valuable in business, so using a well-designed identity is a surefire way to establish a good reputation and obtain your customers’ loyalty.
  2. It generates recall. People will not always remember your tagline or the exact words in your advertising copy. But being very visual by nature, they are most likely to remember your logo and the colors you use on your website or marketing collateral. An identity that is both meaningful and easy on the eyes will stay in people’s minds and remind them of your business.
  3. It can be an effective marketing tool. Once you have established your brand’s reputation, you can leverage on the marketing potential of your logo. Please remember that your identity holds meaning for your customers, and this meaning will affect how they react to you. For example, the Apple logo has become associated with quality and innovation. For this reason, many people buy Apple products even though they are pricier than most similar items in the market.
  4. It is your signature. Your identity is uniquely yours. In a world where people do not have the time to read lengthy copy, having an identity can help you send your message faster to your customers. Companies like Nike, Amazon, Google, McDonalds, and Starbucks, among others, have very distinct logos that consumers have come to associate with them and with no one else.


Why HeadSpace Software Philippines?

If you need brand identity design services in the Philippines, HeadSpace Software can help you. Our name marks our team members’ creativity—a trait we take immense pride in. Our goal is to help you create an identity that not only reflects your brand, but also lets you stand out from the competition. To this end, we make it a point to explore and go outside the box for effective ideas.

Shaping your brand identity does not have to be an arduous process. The members of our team are experienced in the field and are more than willing to obtain your input. Our graphic designers utilize the best tools and are up-to-date on the latest trends, standards, and best practices. Because of this, we can deliver results that are in line with your vision.

Get started by telling us about your website. Contact us and discuss with our friendly and expert staff your vision and requirements, and we will do our best to assist you. You can reach us via the details listed here.