API Integration

API Integration

Websites play a diverse set of roles these days. Back when the Internet was young, websites were made to house and provide data and information. But now that anyone has access to the web, the possible uses of websites have increased manifold. Today, you can go to websites to watch videos, play games, talk to other people, and even buy products among others. These developments would not have been possible without APIs.

Suppose you wanted to open an online store. Third party API integration is an essential step to ensuring that your e-commerce site functions as it should and gives you your expected revenue.


Why do you need third party API integration?

Application Programming Interface (API) refers to a set of protocols, tools, rules, and routines that specify how software components interact with one another. Let’s say you want to add a map to your site to indicate your location to your customers. APIs make it possible for you to take a miniaturized version of Google Maps—though one with actual Google Maps features—and add it to your site.


Even so, why should you invest in third-party API integration? Here are very good reasons:

  1. It saves you time. Going back to the example on the map, it would be very taxing in terms of time if you were to make your own map from scratch. Imagine having to do your research, finding the right programmers, and actually waiting for the completion of the project. All of these delays you can avoid by getting the feature you need from a reliable third party, in this case, Google itself.
  2. It saves you money. Finding programmers to build programs and tools for your site from scratch can cost a lot. If you’re unlucky, you might even end up with a faulty system that costs much to fix. Third parties often offer ready-made, professionally crafted tools for free and usually even do the maintenance for you.
  3. It lets you access services by experts. Third party APIs, especially those courtesy of highly regarded names like Google (for a bunch of different services) and Facebook (for seamless social media integration), are used by most, if not all, of the top names in your sector. That said, integrating APIs from these sites into your own website will put you in roughly the same footing as market leaders.
  4. It brings out your site’s full potential. With the right APIs, you can expand, as well as limit, the functionality and reach of your website. This lets you do what you really want while implementing features that add value to your brand and provide your customers with a positive experience.


Why HeadSpace Software Philippines?

For third party API integration services here in the Philippines, you’d want to go to someone who not only has knowledge, but also adequate experience. HeadSpace Software is composed of people who have been in the sector for years and thus, understand the unique requirements of customers. We will give you a world-class website that functions as well as the top names in the industry.

API integration takes more than just knowing how to work with the codes. It needs insight into which tools and features will work best with the website. It takes the ability to predict potential setbacks that may affect your website. At HeadSpace Software, our experience will help us give you a site that not only contains the tools you need for revenue, but works flawlessly and offers users a positive experience.

Get started by telling us about your website now. Discuss with us your goals so that we can exchange ideas on which tools and features will work best with your purpose in mind. Contact us now using the details listed.